Yaeger VR Studio

Katie Gall on September 20, 2019

Yaeger Architecture’s new office now includes a Virtual Reality Studio. VR is one of the most compelling tools in the building industry. Using the HTC VIVE Pro with eye-tracking technology, clients and the project team interact with their projects during the design process to evaluate materials, lighting design options, and construction methods before commencing construction.  This powerful technology assists in identifying design conflicts and improves collaboration between all design disciplines and the construction team. Technical 3D models developed in BIM are shared using Iris VR software that has been developed specifically for the needs of the building industry.

While immersed in virtual models, the user can explore the project using wireless controllers and freely move about and explore areas of the project that would be difficult or impossible to inspect in the real world. Measurements, notes, and markups can be added to the project during a real-time review of the design. The use of VR in architecture will continue to grow as the industry realizes its usefulness and the return on investment it provides our clients.