Yaeger COVID-19 Update

Katie Gall on March 22, 2020

Effective Tuesday, March 24th, Yaeger Architecture, Inc. will implement best practices for suppressing the spread of COVID-19, as outlined by our local government officials, and will be working remotely until local policy directs us otherwise. Our number-one focus is the safety of our families, business partners, and the community at large. 

Fortunately, we are uniquely prepared for these challenging times. Yaeger-led AE Service teams have completed projects across the country and in over a dozen locations internationally. Yaeger Architecture leverages the best industry technologies on our NIST-compliant (National Institute of Standards and Technology) network-hosted file transfer sites, cloud-based modeling applications, and conferencing services such as Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and WebEx. These tools allow Yaeger Architecture to continue seamless delivery of our mission with stakeholder collaboration, face-to-face video conferencing, and timely project delivery. 

Our team will continue to be available through all normal channels.  Yaeger teammates can be reached via e-mail or phone.  Office numbers have been forwarded to the team member’s mobile device and our main office number now has a directory for reference (913-742-8000).