Wayside Waifs Visit

Yaeger Architecture on February 19, 2018

Yaeger Architecture, Inc. held its quarterly culture building and volunteer event at Wayside Waifs on Saturday, February 17, 2018. Amanda Smasal, Community Outreach Coordinator at Wayside Waifs, kicked off the day with a tour of the impressive facility.  We got a-behind-the scenes look at their veterinary clinic, areas used to evaluate and train their animals and learned about their companion animals for their No More Bullying! Program. Of course, our favorite activity was interacting with the cute animals available for adoption! Amanda soon put us to work with our job of the day – folding bedding and towels for their four-legged guests! We had some laughs as we worked together to organize their laundry (and argued over who had to fold the next fitted sheet!). We ended our fun day with the opportunity to feed dogs enrichment treats that are made at Wayside Waifs. For more information on pet adoption or how to volunteer, take a look at www.waysidewaifs.org.