Thank You to Our Summer Interns

Katie Gall on August 26, 2019

Welcome back to school, KSU and KU students!  We were fortunate to have two great interns this summer, Riley Grey and Greg DeVeau.  Greg, a KU Architecture Department student, was with Yaeger during his brief break before summer studio started.  Riley, a College of Architecture, Planning & Design at Kansas State University student, worked with us from June through the summer. 

We sat down with Riley before he left to get some feedback about his summer experience:

How did you find out about Yaeger Architecture?

Through the KSU Design Expo.  I researched the firms that had registered to have a booth at the expo and then met Matt Turner and Chaz Pruente during the career fair.  After the expo, I had the opportunity to visit the firm in Overland Park at the old office and the first impression was that everyone was unbelievably friendly.  Employees were eager to talk, and we took a tour of the new office which was under construction.  It was cool to see the new office during that phase and hear about the future of the firm. 

What is the culture like?

Friendly, happy, and fun.   No one is in bad moods ever, and people are easy to work with.

What kind of projects have you been working on and what tasks have you been involved with?

There are so many projects I’ve been able to be a part of.  From Master Planning to Construction Documents, and everything in between.  It has been really nice to be exposed to so much in my first internship experience.  I really didn’t expect to have the opportunities I did. 

What other factors make Yaeger a great place to work?

The equipment and workspace are really nice, but the people are the best part.  I learned more from the people here than all my professors combined.  Yaeger employee T.J. Moon had this to say about Riley:
“For his second year in school I can honestly say that he knows a lot about the profession.  Likewise, he asks questions so that he understands why he is performing a specific task, he is very easy to get along with and is quite knowledgeable about cars as well.  In short, the next intern that sits in his seat has big shoes to fill!”