Sprint Campus Opened 20 Years Ago, Now in New Ownership

Yaeger Architecture on March 15, 2019

The Sprint Campus opened in Overland Park, Kansas in 1999 and now in 2019, Occidental Management of Wichita has entered into a deal to purchase the campus.  We are taking the opportunity to reflect on the work we did 20 years ago and are excited for the next evolution of the project. 

The Sprint Campus was completed in conjunction with Hillier of Princeton, NJ, and four other local architects. Yaeger was responsible for approximately 50% of the architecture for this 35-building complex.  After completion of the major projects in 2003, smaller projects continued to flow to Yaeger on an IDIQ basis.

Left to Right: Amphitheater; Building 5 (Food Service); Courtyard

The project consisted of a 4,000,000 SF corporate campus with 17 office/administrative buildings including an auditorium, assembly and training areas, classrooms, conference rooms, data centers, a security command center, health clinic/laboratory, restrooms, dining facilities, showers, lockers, and storage.  Yaeger was also responsible for sitework design on the 192-acre campus including roads, parking, utilities, security lighting, landscaping, and a helipad.

Left to Right: Building 2 (Conference Facility); Building 4 (Technology Center); Building 13 (Town Center)

Yaeger was responsible for on-site project management, coordination of project component teams, architectural and interior design documentation, QA/QC of design documents, sustainable design, shop drawing management including RFI’s, coordination of commissioning, and final acceptance inspections.  Yaeger provided primary design team liaison with governing authorities for phased zoning and permit review.  As part of an integrated project office which housed the client, developer, design team, and construction manager/contractor, Yaeger represented the design team through a six-year project delivery process that was completed under the project budget.  Sprint never missed a move-in date while populating the campus with over 14,000 employees.

Yaeger Architecture designed and provided construction administration for the 14 parking garages on the campus, ranging from 1,500 to 5,000 parking stalls each. Each garage is monitored by surveillance cameras linked to the Campus Security Command Center and each has an assistance station.