Semester Internships

Yaeger Architecture on February 26, 2018

Yaeger Architecture is seeking college students interested in joining our team for semester-long internships.  As a member of the Yaeger team, employees are responsible for living out our purpose while providing active impact to project teams, creation of quality design solutions, and delivering Yaeger Architecture’s Preferred Partner Experience.  Two of our current employees, Luke McElwain and T.J. Moon, started with the firm as semester interns.  We interviewed them about their experiences as interns and why they decided to stay with the firm after they graduated.


What did you like about your semester internship?

I enjoyed the hands-on learning opportunities Yaeger provided.  I wasn’t simply given a pile of red-lines to pick up. Though I did assist with correcting red-lines, I spent much of my time field measuring, selecting materials, field verifying, attending client meetings, and even delivered a component of an installation. 


What is the culture like?

The culture at Yaeger is supportive.  People are approachable and really invest in the interns and help them learn in the areas they are interested in.

Yaeger holds quarterly culture events where we can spend time getting to know each other outside the office and enhance bonding.


Why did you decide to stay at Yaeger after your internship had ended?

I knew it was a great opportunity.  I really like the people, like the work, and was excited to see where the projects would go.


What kind of projects have you been working on and what tasks have you been involved with?

I have been working on hospitality and corporate projects including Chicken N’ Pickle and Central Green.  For Chicken N’ Pickle, I have had the opportunity to run the Revit model in meetings, select materials, explore design options, research specifications for design features, and work with clients directly.  For Central Green, I have been involved in project coordination, consultant coordination, construction documents, design, and materials specification. 


What other factors make Yaeger a great place to work?

Overall, it’s great people, great projects, and great equipment.  Everyone here is easy to get along with and be friends with.  Management is approachable, and there is great camaraderie amongst staff.  I really like the variety of projects that come across the boards and I am given the opportunity to take on as much responsibility as I want.  Yaeger also provides us with the tools we need to be successful. 


How did you find out about Yaeger?

I first found out about Yaeger at the KU Architecture and Design Career Fair then through my classmate, Luke, who encouraged me to consider their semester internship opportunities. 


What did you like about your semester at Yaeger?

I really liked the mentors at Yaeger.  They were receptive to all the questions I had and really understood what I had learned in school and what I had left to learn. They were patient walking me through things.  I also really liked the culture at Yaeger – we go out to lunch, celebrate birthdays, and have quarterly events.  I attended one of the cultural events early in the semester and already felt like a part of the team. 


Why did you stay with Yaeger after the semester ended?

I chose to accept Yaeger’s job offer because I valued the environment where was empowered to ask lots of questions and given many opportunities to learn and grow as an architect.  I feel comfortable at Yaeger, like the people, and like the location as well.


What kind of work have you been doing at Yaeger?

I have been involved in the Linwood Shopping Center project and the Whiteman Air Force Base Air Operations Support Facility.  For Linwood, I have been active in attending OAC meetings, consultant coordination, construction documents, renderings, schematic design, and material selections.  I even presented to the community at a 3rd District Community Building meeting. 

For the Whiteman project, I drew elevations, created renderings, worked on shop drawings, and learned that construction documents for the Federal Government are a lot different than CDs for private sector clients.