Pull a Plane Kickoff and Relay

devdavi on May 16, 2017

Yaeger Architecture team members gathered on April 13th with our friends at MFEC for a RMHC-KC Pull a Plane Competition kickoff event. The event was held at our headquarters, and, to get the competitive spirit going, employees were divided up into teams of four people.  The teams were challenged to participate in a timed relay race involving four individual legs: a 30’ soccer kicking challenge, 40’ ball balancing course, 35’ throwing event, and Lego building activity for speed and accuracy.  Once completed, the team members joined forces to pull a truck together (which is just like pulling a plane… give or take a few hundred tons?)!  After our rigorous training, we ended the kickoff by grilling and enjoying the evening together. The event was successful in pumping everyone up for the main event.


MFEC Consulting Engineers & Yaeger Architecture will be participating in Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City’s Pull A Plane Event on Saturday, April 22nd at Kansas City International Airport Terminal A.  We’ll take to the tarmac to prove that we can pull a massive FedEx Airbus faster than anyone else. While we’ll be having a blast, raising money for RMHC-KC is serious business.


Sometimes when a child gets sick, they must go to a hospital far from their families. During such a challenging time, parents want to be with their child every second, helping their child fight. They would trade places with them if they could. Since they can’t, they can at least be by their side, which research shows can be some of the best medicine of all. RMHC has places where families can stay together, close by their child in the hospital. After all, children heal faster when they’re surrounded by the ones they love.


Our team has raised $4,380 and the event as a whole has a goal of $100,000.  If you’re interested in helping the cause, visit our team page and join us April 22nd!