Elevating Entertainment: Yaeger Architecture with Chicken N Pickle

Caroline Hartdegen on June 6, 2024

At Yaeger Architecture, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality results, while nurturing strong client relationships that drive our partnership forward. A testament to our commitment is our collaboration with the Chicken N Pickle team. Together, we have developed various dynamic venues nationwide, including:

Each of these locations holds a range of pickleball courts-both indoor and outdoor-, delicious food and beverages, and an array of other activities, such as lawn games, for your group to enjoy.

Designing the Chicken N Pickle facilities has provided us with a unique opportunity to blend our team’s expertise in hospitality, sporting facilities, retail, and other specialized areas into one cohesive experience.

Yaeger Architecture is excited for the future of Chicken N Pickle, and to provide more enjoyment and innovative designs to communities alike. Go check out a Chicken N Pickle near you to get a glimpse of our team’s work and maybe even find a new hobby!