Cars for Kids

Aaron Rumple on May 27, 2021

Yaeger’s Aaron Rumple joined other volunteers and FTC 4587 Robotics Club members in Learn Science and Math Club’s underground lair for their 5th annual build of cars for kids with disabilities. Held in the Downtown Underground caves, the program helps bridge the mobility gap for younger children that are not yet qualified for wheelchair access and use. Over 500,000 American kids under the age of five have mobility problems, and few have access to devices that give them free movement. Most insurance programs only provide electric wheelchairs for school-aged kids, and few parents can afford to buy electric wheelchairs on their own. These wheelchairs cost about $17,000. This lack of independent movement severely limits younger kids’ interactions with their environment and with other kids.

These low-cost electric cars provide a way for these younger children to play and explore the world on their own. This year, 33 cars will be delivered to their new owners, a new record for the Geeks for Kids program. Each of these off-the-shelf electric cars is extensively customized and adapted to each child’s specific needs with LED lighting, computerized controls, special seating, and remote controls.

If you would like to contribute or get involved with this, please visit or reach out to [email protected] for more information.